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Remember the 80s


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Many remember the 80s with a certain fondness, a decade of golden years. It was a time of new emerging technologies, as well as fun gadgets, gizmos and fashions. Pop culture also grew at a rapid rate during this decade with new television shows and movies that captivated audiences across the globe.

To capture the spirit of the era, this build displays the technologies, games and fashions of the radical 80s. Handheld game consoles, personal music players and blaring boomboxes were among the many popular devices to be owned by virtually every person. While wacky spandex clothing and roller skates were fun to bring to gatherings with friends, big hair and cool outfits became the main style of teens and adults alike. During times of boredom, colorful puzzle cubes, speedy longboards and phone calls with friends were a go to solution for curing the doldrums.

Indeed, this decade was a decade to remember, and this build stands as a monument to this time of fun and discovery. Hopefully it has brought back some fond memories, or just given a clearer view back into these golden years.

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