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Mecha Velociraptor

"Mechanical creature."
In the distant future, the environment on Earth was harsh.
Highly developed AI created mecha adapted to the natural environment.
The mecha was designed with reference to living organisms.
We can learn a lot from organisms that have survived since time immemorial.

This work has joints installed throughout its body.
It can swing its neck, open and close its mouth, and smoothly move its arms, legs, waist, and tail.
The skeleton is designed to be very sturdy to withstand long-term exhibition.

Since it can be moved freely, you can decorate the joints of each part with your favorite poses.

This "Velociraptor" is a dinosaur famous in movies.
Its name means "swift thief.
It was a small carnivorous dinosaur with a large brain and was a light hunter with sharp teeth and claws on its mouth.

Creating this work of art is as fun as excavating fossils.

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