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Flowerpot Integration With Pen Holder

To decorate the office table, I had the idea that is named “flowerpot integration with pen holder”.
1. There are four independent cases for putting four kinds of pens or pencils. I tried to make four cases to separate four colors of pens (Black, Blue, Red and Green).
2. Four independent cases are connected by hinges and around a square.
3. The square is in the center of four cases. Cactus is planted in this area which means endless life in courage on work.
4. The other four kinds of plants are put on the platform between two cases.
5. Certainly there are studs on the platform, it is easy to take the flowerpot off when you would like to clear bricks.
903 parts
Size: 29.8 x 29.2 x 18.3 in stud

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