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Flying Saucer (UFO) - The Sports Model

The Flying Saucer (Sports Model) piloted by the Grey's.

Based on the actual ship that is located in Area 51 (apparently).

The set includes 3 alien minifigures, all of which can fit snugly into the flying saucer cockpit, ready to explore the far reaches of the galaxy (and Earth now and again).

The bottom section of the saucer contains the anti-gravity propulsion system used to give it superb maneuverability and enable it to travel at incredible speeds.

Included is a display stand made from a small base of dark desert with a light beam coming from the bottom of the ship. The ship can be easily attached to/detached from the stand. The 3 alien minifigures can be placed inside the saucer or can be displayed on the stand as pictured.

I built this model as it is the most iconic style of Flying Saucer and I think it makes a great display piece as well as having tonnes of swoosh-ability.

We may never find out if there is a real Flying Disc at Area 51 but at least we could have a LEGO one!

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