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The Modular Zoo


One LEGO set I had always really wanted as a child was a zoo. I had understood why one might have been difficult to make before, with many limits to pieces at the time. Another issue would have been the size and functionality of it- issues all of which I kept in mind as I designed this Modular Zoo. I use the word modular appropiately: it's been created via a series of modules that form a larger assembly.

        As I was exploring bricks in LDD, I came across two baseplates that suited the goal of this project perfectly: the 8x8 modular plate and the 16x16 modular plate. These served as the base for every module in this set. An important part of why I decided to take a seperate module approach instead of using one large baseplate, was so that this set could be expanded on and rearranged many different ways (the assembly in my sample photos is just one of many possiblities!). I felt that this approach was crucial to maximisng the potential creativity as a playset, which is first and foremost what I intended. I hope for it to appeal to all ages and inspire many additional exhibits and modules for fans to create and add in to their zoo!

    The Modular Zoo features:

- 1 admissions/ticket box module

- 1 water fountain/statue module

- 2 park bench and tree modules

- 1 portable washroom module

- 1 small penguin exhibit module (1 16x16 baseplate)

- 1 medium polar bear exhibit module (4 16x16 baseplates)

- 1 medium lion exhibit module (4 16x16 baseplates)

- 1 large elphant exhibit module (8 16x16 baseplates)

- 1 zoo entrance, 4 fence corner modules and many straight fence modules

- extra modular baseplates (10 8x8s and 3 16x16s) for park path

Each exhibit features accessories for its host animal, and door access for zookeepers. The admissions/ticket box module's roof can be easily removed for access inside.

To keep this set under the 3000 piece limit it features 4 animal exhibits. Of course there are many LEGO animals and opportunities for more exhibits. Should this design become a set, I'd encourage builders to intergrate thier own exhibits and modlues to expand the park and provide infinite possibliites of play!

Thanks for looking and I hope you like it!

- 2999 pieces



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