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The Silver Bounty


Hello, passengers, and welcome aboard the Silver Bounty. I am Lego Landon and I will be your captain. Now, before we start our voyage, I need to go over a few basic safety rules. First, if you see anyone in the water cry "man overboard" at the top of your lungs. The reason for this is that, if left in water too long, a minifigure's face and print on their torso may begin to fade. This is not pleasant to see. Do not neglect this important safety precaution for any resin - plastic resin or otherwise.

Next, if you need a life preserver, dash into the captain's cabin. To do this, lift up the ladder that you can see in front of the doorway at the back of the ship. If you throw the life preserver, do not propel it too far away, as a vacuum cleaner may suck it up.

Lastly, as a point of interest, we will be passing a cave and tower by the name of "Silver Cove". We will allow you to dig for silver ore when we arrive. There are only five silver crystals in the cave, so please do not remove more than one.

Before we leave the port, may I mention that if you have any questions, please submit it in the "comments" page. Either I or one of my two staff members will do our best to answer them.

Now, I believe that we are ready to leave. Enjoy your voyage on this unique ship, the Silver Bounty. Thank you for your time.

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