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Johnny Cash Country Music Concert

Hello, my name is Mateusz and I'm from Poland.
The model that I build is Johnny Cash country concert. I was inspired to build it after watching movie "Walk the Line".

But at first I will tell you something about Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash was the most popular country musician in the world, he record hundreds songs, his the most popular songs are "Cry, cry, cry"; "Ring of Fire"; "I Walk the Line"; "Give My Love to Rose"... and more and more. Johnny Cash died September 12, 2003 four months after his second wife June Carter.

Now, let's come back to the model I was building it for 3 months, the most difficult part of designing it was the style of 60's years, curtains was quite difficult to build, but how you can see, it turned out very well. The model consists of two parts, first is the scene where Johnny Cash and his band are playing, the second is the audiences. If you would like to see only scene, you can take off the plate with audiences without any problems:) If you would like to see a musicians from the top? No problem you can take off the roof and see them:) The model looks great in the dark too, because you can swith on the led lights, on the back of the model there is a battery box so easylly you can do it;) In the back there are stairs to get on the stage, and there June Carter is standing and looking at Johnny Cash (if you was watching movie "Walk the Line" you will remember that). And now I will tell something about minifigures: in the middle you can see Johnny Cash with his guitar and microphone, on the left you can see guitarist Marty Stuart, on the right you can see bassist Henry Strzelecki and in the back June Carter in red skirt, the rest of minifigures are audiences.

If you would like to see wideo about it, here is link to video on YouTube:

I hope you will support my project
Best regards

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