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STAR WARS VII The Force Awakens (Bike from trailer)


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Have you seen the new STAR WARS VII - The Force Awakens trailer?

I sure have and though i know LEGO will probably will make a set from this vehicle, I'd like to present you with my vision of it in the form of the brick.

I tried to keep it as scaled as possible, while providing some playability and swooshability, and maintaing as much of the original vehicle appearance as I could given the obvious limitations.

Also under consideration was the piece count and the choice of colour. I know copper is an expensive colour but it is needed to give that rusty look to such a bike... and besides, this is Tatooine.

Ca. 60 bricks go into this little model. I say it approxmately as I don't know if I'd add an helmet with goggles or a lightsaber or just a pair of blaster.

That would be for LEGO to decide should they have more insight on the movie's details.

I believe this charachter will be called Kyra...

If you want to know more just ask J.J. Abrams... I'm sure he'll tell you all about it :D


Summing up, this is what I came up with. I hope you all like it and vote for it

More pictures once it reaches 1000 supporters.


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