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Build A Boat


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Need a boat we have lots. Pick a color, any color. Customize them the choice is yours.


About 12 years ago (Lego time) 3 highly funded organizations got together to build a versatile water craft. After funding, designing and testing they were manufactured in large quantities. Soon their popularity grew, their demand was great and so a separate Build A Boat company was founded. These boats were used for exploration, water-skiing, wake-boarding and other non funded events. Their popularity exploded when they were introduced as race crafts. The Build A Boat company began hosting races, rallies and tournaments to see who can win it all. So the competition begins and the rest is history.


  1. Kits don't contain any minifigs because I encourage you to use your favorite minifigs from your own personal collection.
  2. Build A Boat Master Set: Should include all 14 colored boats and 28 buoys
    • Master set contains 1400 pieces.
  3. Build A Boat Individual Sets: Should include 2 boats with 4 buoys. These sets are mentioned further under boats.
    • Individual sets contain 200 pieces.
  4. Buoy Master Pack: Should contain all 14 color variants containing 2 of each.
    • Buoy Master Pack contains 224 pieces.
  5.  Buoy Booster Packs: Should contain 4 buoys in one color variety
    • Buoy Booster Pack contains 32 pieces.
  6. Decals: You can design your own custom decals the choice is yours.


Each boat is complete with a jet powered engine and an outboard motor. The outboard motor gives the boat additional steering power and is used to splash competitors in the race circuits. Here are my proposed names and individual sets for the series.

  1. Dark Star & Moon Light
  2. Dark Tide & Tidal Wave
  3. Turbulent Dusk & Troubled Waters
  4. Blast Radius & Sonic Blast
  5. Ocean Breeze & Deep Freeze
  6. Wind Storm & Frozen Dawn
  7. Wave Rider & Sound Wave


While pretending to race please note that skimming buoys grant abilities to aid you towards victory. These abilities are non-lethal and are not limited by your imagination. Buoys can be used to mark the barriers of the race track. Details are as follows;

  1. Red colored buoys grant offensive abilities. A few ideas include;
    • A hack that turns off your opponent’s engines for 5 seconds.
    • The ability to temporarily blind your opponent with water via your outboard motor.
    • A hack that renders your opponents craft unable to steer temporarily.
  2. Blue colored buoys grant defensive abilities. A few ideas include;
    • Blocking an opponent from hacking you.
    • Using the rear light on the fin to temporarily flash your opponent.
  3. Yellow colored buoys grant turbo. The 2 kinds include;
    • A 5 second burst of speed.
    • 3 quick in succession speed boosts. Each of which raises your max speed by a fraction 
  4. Buoys that are only black and white may mark secret areas and short cuts.


This build was originally started with real pieces and improved upon in LDD. The high quality images were rendered in and they were edited using Photoshop. The gifs were also generated using Photoshop. All credits belong to me for the design but a friend helped me with the text graphic.

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