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Wild West Cavalry Office Barracks

Hello and thank you for being here to look at my idea. It’s a simple one built from my love of the old western theme and the Wild West in general. A raised platform houses a four walled office finished in white with the customary red bricks to represent a bit so perfect finish! I’ve also added a neatly finished porch to the front covered over by an effective awning which allows our minifigure heroes to keep sheltered on those rainy days. And of course where would any old western build be without some hitching posts to the front?
Two lanterns hanging to the front of the build will help guide any stray soldier back to his or her barracks under the shadow of the evening.
I’ve capped all this off by affixing an easy to remove tiled roof to the top of the main build. A simple red and white facade done in a tiered fashion gives the roof a nice texture. Affixed to this facade is a flag and two rifles which serves to help mark the building’s identity to would be visitors.
Inside is a minimalist finish with a desk and chair but ample room to bespoke it to the player’s wants and needs.
Space and durability being the key components.
Overall I wanted a simple build, something aesthetically to look at but also something durable and lasting. A true tribute to the old western builds of old.
This is my first submission so a learning kerb for me. I appreciate any feedback, the good, the bad or the ugly (but I rather the good!). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at this and read this and if nothing else I am happy to submit this just to be a little part of the amazing Lego community. 😀

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