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BTS Butter Studio Set

BTS Butter Studio Set
Hello, I'm Uniquelego, a LEGO Creator and Researcher working in South Korea. It's an honor to introduce my work "BTS Butter Studio Set" today.
I made this work to promote the artistry of BTS, which has recently swept the world's leading pop music awards through a new method called Lego. I was thinking about what to describe if I could express BTS with Lego, and I thought it would be nice to prepare a studio set that would allow me to film BTS' music video through Lego. Since "Dynamite" already exists, it is based on the newly released "Butter."
This work consists of 1414 pieces and consists of 4 studios in total. The leftmost is the cheerful gym, followed by a yellow stage, an elevator with colorful lights, and a white wall. If you film each studio with a good camera composition, you can create a scene similar to the actual music video. I hope you can recreate BTS' music video in your room through this studio! Thank you.
1) Your model (what it is)?
This work is a reproduction of BTS' music video studio. I've made a hole in the front so that you can film this studio from the front through your cellphone. Next, I used many panels to represent the unique atmosphere of studio. Also, each studio has various lights to create diverse photo versions. And for your free editing, the members' faces have solid color. Let’s make our own music videos!
2) Why you built it?
The first and most important reason is that I wanted to make great decorations by moving art to Lego. Decorating one's own living space using props is called "home decoration." So I wanted to make a work that can be easily used for home decoration. Usually, home decoration has used paintings, sculptures, crafts, or design elements, but recently, more and more Lego products are used for home decoration, which have a similar level of beauty to existing interior products but can be placed on desks or cabinets. Moreover, decorations based on popular music groups like this one would be more appropriate. That's why I made this piece in the size that I can put on the desk.
Second, because I wanted to make a work based on modern popular music. "Music" is an indispensable element in our daily lives. Previously, there was a Lego product that expressed the Beatles' yellow submarine, but it is difficult to find products based on popular music in the current 21st century. So I made a work based on popular music that has a great influence on our hobbies in the 21st century.
Third, I wanted to make a work that contains our stories. We get the power to live every day through our hobbies. So I wanted to give many music fans the energy to live tomorrow by watching this work. At the same time, I hope that all AfOLs who are not music fans will be able to get something from this work.
3) Why you believe it would make a great LEGO set?
First of all, this work actually moves beautiful music groups with high artistry onto their respective desks. So I tried to capture the realistic elements as much as possible within the size of the desk. We created the studio in a color similar to the actual music video, and we prepared accessories such as curtains, doors, lights, and audio inside the studio. I expect this work to be reborn as a great Lego set thanks to this sense of reality.
Next, this work is based on the theme of "currently popular pop music group," which has not been easily found. Most of the works that have dealt with music have been based on popular groups such as the Beatles, or peripheral devices related to music such as phonographs and LPs. They may have thought such themes were the most musical, but I beg to differ. As of 2021, most people often think of BTS when it comes to "pop music." So I made BTS the subject that has a big impact on our current hobby. I hope that this work will be reborn as a great Lego set thanks to the originality of this theme.
Finally, this work has elements of fine-grained description and moderate size together. Recently, many Lego products aimed at AFOL are larger than 2000 pieces. These large products have strengths in detailed descriptions, but they cause a lack of space to assemble and display works. But it's been reborn as a work that has detailed descriptions and can be placed under the desk of the office, next to the front door, and under the TV. AFOL wants a complex piece that can satisfy both the need for fine-grained description and the right size. I hope that this complexity will make this work a great Lego set.

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