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Yeti Home Invasion


In The Distant Past, 2002, On The Frozen World Of Krysto A Hasty Scientist And His Trusty Droid Companion Rush To Find Precious Space Krystals.

In such a hurry this scientist was that he didn't bother to brush off the snow an icicles from his beautiful blue drilling rig. Not only that, he also failed to notice that he was drilling directly into a Yeti cave below.

This is my re-imagining of the classic Ice Planet series with a modern twist. This set includes an Ice Planet Scientist, Droid and Yeti. It features a space drilling rig in the classic Ice Planet blue and white style. A trap-door piece sits below the drill and can be triggered to cause a cave in. The Yeti's cave has a table where he eats his frozen treats, a wall of space krystals and a wall that opens. The mountain above is removable for easy access to the Yeti cave. It is less than 200 pieces and would likely fall into the $24- $30 range.

Thanks for reading! I hope you support this fun project.

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