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Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Lego Set


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Play Well, Mr. Bean!
Unleash Mr. Bean on a myriad of Lego misadventures:

  • Strap an armchair to Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper.
  • Refuse to pay his ticket and escape the Car Park Barrier.
  • Play mini golf with someone's shopping.
  • Make a lunch fit for a king, while sitting on a park bench.
  • Get a turkey stuck on Mr. Bean's head.
  • Steal an entire Christmas Tree.
  • Re-enact the opening credits using the Mr. Bean spotlight plaque.
  • Mail a letter or mail Mr. Bean himself!
  • And of course, watch out for that pesky Reliant Regal. Knock it over if you get the chance!

The Set:
The classic Mr. Bean series is a personal favourite of mine and many others. His distinct brand of mischief seems perfect for Lego and as 2020 is his 30th anniversary it's a great time to celebrate the show.

As Mr. Bean is a very physical comedy, I wanted the set to include as much playability as possible rather than focusing on a single display piece. I've tried to include many classic Mr. Bean set pieces from the original live action TV series.

The main builds of the set include:
  • A portion of street, either side of an entrance to a public car park. (The Curse of Mr. Bean)
  • A large, wheeled bin to fool the ticket machine. (The Curse of Mr. Bean)
  • A Christmas tree. (Merry Christmas Mr. Bean)
  • A post box, large enough to fit Mr. Bean inside. (Mr. Bean Rides Again)
  • A park bench, bin and fountain. (The Curse of Mr. Bean)
  • A yellow and black Mini Cooper. (Mr. Bean's Holiday)
  • A Reliant Regal. (Mr. Bean)
  • An arm chair that can be attached to the roof of Mr Bean's Mini Cooper. (Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean)
  • A Mr. Bean spotlight logo plaque. By swapping out the discs you can recreate the opening credits. (The Curse of Mr. Bean)

The set also includes a collection of other accessories that reference further episodes:
  • A blue grocery bag, golf ball and golf club. (Tee off, Mr. Bean)
  • Mr. Bean's lunch: a baguette, a baby bottle, a hot water bottle, some salad, a fish and some butter. (The Curse of Mr Bean)
  • A suitcase. (Mr. Bean in Room 426) 
  • A turkey. (Merry Christmas Mr. Bean)
  • A mop and broom joined together. (Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean)
  • A silver kettle. (Goodnight Mr. Bean)
  • A camera. (Mr. Bean Goes to Town)
  • A sign advertising a local school open day. (Back to School Mr. Bean)
  • An angry dog. (Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean)
  • A green cloak, a pair of scissors and a detached ponytail. (Hair by Mr. Bean of London)
  • Mr. Bean's faithful friend, Teddy. (The Trouble with Mr. Bean)

Nearly every episode of the classic series is represented in some way, the only exception being The Return of Mr. Bean due to nearly every scene happening indoors. You could always make him busk on the street a bit though!

I think you can easily create further scenes with your own pieces too. Make a Buckingham Palace Guard House for Mr. Bean to photograph or perhaps a Baby Carriage to accidentally hitch to the back of Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper.

The driver of of Reliant Regal...
We never see the face of Mr. Bean's nemesis on screen, at least not in the live action series. So the driver in this set is a 'cunning' reference to another of Rowan Atkinson's popular roles. Look closely and you'll find a further clue to his identity hidden somewhere within the set!

Thank you very much for looking at my Lego Idea.

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