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Tiny Tough Train


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Tiny Tough Train

Here comes the incredible -hand-driven- Tiny Tough Train 7421! It’s busy to keep the LEGO® City environment clear by transfer of pollution and dirt. The tipper is carrying out ‘glow in the dark’ waste glass for recycling. Climb aboard the tiny-tough train crane, lower the hook and carefully lift the dirt-container onto the flatbed wagon. So it’s your job to make sure the cargo is in the right place at the right time to keep the citizens safe. When the cargo is aboard you’re ready to roll… This Tiny Tough Train is pre-prepared to become a PF motorized train with a LEGO Technic® medium motor or LEGO electric train motor with or without an infrared remote (8-channel, 7-speed) control. Slow down and haul just about anything! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: A train driver and a crane operator.

  • Tiny Tough Train Features a (pre-prepared motorized) diesel-style locomotive, flatbed crane wagon and tipper wagon
  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a train driver and a crane driver
  • Slow down and come aboard the incredible Tiny Tough Train 7421!
  • Features driver’s cabin with dashboard and seat
  • Operate the Tiny Tough Train 7421 by hand
  • PF pre-prepared as well as infrared remote control
  • 11 different playable build experience combinations (building instructions included), see ‘Why and How
  • Tiny Tough Train in total measures over 5.9” (15cm) high, 18.5” (47cm) long and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Engine measures over 3.1” (8cm) high, 5.9” (15cm) long and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Flatbed Crane Wagon measures over 5.9” (15cm) high, 6.5” (16,5cm) long and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Tipper Wagon measures over 3.1” (8cm) high, 5.9” (15cm) long and 2” (5cm) wide
  • Check out the tiny powerful diesel adding onboard LEGO led front and backlight
  • Power Function additions and track are separate available in the LEGO store
  • Approximately 750 parts!
  • Absolute playware!

Why and How
This Tiny Tough Train 7421 combination exists of a diesel locomotive, crane with flatbed and tipper. By adding PF (Power Function) parts there will be the possibility to build 11 different variants. All built to personal playing needs.
Lego-train fans undoubtedly recognized the resemblance to the yellow diesel locomotive (box 724, diesel locomotive, crane and tipper, year 1972). To be honestly, it is almost impossible to develop nowadays a unique or new playable and payable Lego-train concept item.
This train mainly concerns renewal due to the elements, playability and creative construction used. This diesel train is not derived from a truly existing authentic train model, but with the express desire to a small and compact build experience with attention to detail. For optimal playability mini figures are involved.
Large standard parts and stickers are not used (except one) because they do not enhance creativity and building nurseries.
Number of parts in this set (without PF parts) are approximately 750
The idea is to introduce the Tiny Tough Train 7421 kit with instructions but without the Power Function parts. With the building options in this train set, it is fully equipped into individual playing needs. The diesel locomotive can be built in three ways:
1) As a train by hand, in a  Lego 'Technic' version, prepared with gear for the use of a medium motor (8883).
2) As 'Technic' version with a built-in medium motor.
3) Than with the built-in PF Lego train motor (88002) and/or built-in PF IR-receiver (8884). Using a PF-controller is an option as well. The crane itself can also serve as a housing for the PF IR-receiver (8884) so that there is room for the driver in the diesel locomotive if desired. All three diesel locomotive variants look (almost) the same on the outside. The use of the led light (8870) is only an option for the PF Lego train motor (88002) variant.

The colour scheme is based on nostalgic, emotional and personal sentiments; A yellow locomotive, but reddish brown or dark blue is also fine. Black train wheels give a tough and industrial look, but the use of red train wheels reinforces the presence of the suspension and bottom of the wagons and the nostalgic 724 looks.

The crane flatbed wagon has a striking red crane, lifting and carrying the cargo. The cargo has the exact size of a battery box (88000/8878) with enclosed blue frame.

Like the diesel locomotive and the crane flatbed wagon, the tipper chassis has the colour black and dark grey. The tipper is prepared to carry cargo as well as a battery box (88000/8878). The moveable keel section and lockable covers are sandy- and dark green in colour with some orange accents.

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