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Star Citizen M50


A minifig-scale version of the M50 (ship) from the game Star Citizen.

Star Citizen is an in-development crowd funded futuristic space simulator, by Cloud Imperium Games. You can play the alpha of it right now, while they make it! Just google it if you want to.

This Ship (the M50) is currently one of the best racing ships in the game, and I think one of the best looking too. It is a small, nimble ship with light weaponary, and it is insanely fun to use. (and swoosh!!)

Please support this project! I'm fairly certain Lego could get the liscense to make a set from it, as CIG have said they would be interested in a Star Citizen Lego set. (I think, don't quote me on that, google it if you must)

I've also posted this MOC on rebrickable under the same name if you're looking to build it / look at the LDD file.



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