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Santa's Mech


Mecha Claus is coming to town!

Santa decided to have his elves make him a present this year.

He had made list of all the stuff he wanted and you bet he checked it twice!


My dearest elves,

I am wanting a mech this Christmas. Here is what it needs.

  1. A nice spacious cockpit with comfy seating
  2. An opening stainless steel rollcage
  3. A high tech control panel
  4. Burly arms with two joints to maximize movement
  5. Big feet to support all the weight of the presents
  6. Make it look like me

Sure enough, his elves checked everything off the list!

The Mecha Claus had it all – black boots with the white fluff at the top, the red suit with white buttons, and even the belt with the golden buckle. The elves even went through the trouble of painting the rollcage white to resemble Santa's iconic beard! 

Santa has another big job ahead of him, but with your help he can make it to 10,000! 

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