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H-T Tool Store


This is my new idea called H-T Tool Store. It has 332 total bricks and pices. Inside you have a white floor board, a check out counter with computer keyboard, credit reader, cash draw, employee, black scanner, photography camera, white button, total computer, you have another employee with black square scanner, you have a price scanner with computer, a tool box with draws, a big square money safe, a small money safe, butterfly net, metal detector, two customers, a security scanner device at the exit and many other interesting items that you can check out! I built this because Lego ideas does not have any tool stores on the website for people to check out and vote on. This idea is suitable for everyone, it let's your imagination fly, and you would have fun building it and playing with it and you  will learn from it. If you like my idea please let your family and friends know about H-T Tool store and have a great day Thanks Again!

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