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Swan Car

This incredible car is one of the true classics in automotive history.
The swan car was built for an eccentric millionaire who lived in India. The car is from 1910. It is on display in the Louwman museum in the Hague in the Netherlands.

In reaI life the car has some extraordinary features. Some of them included in this model.
The model tries to capture the elegance of the real one. It has a engine compartment, functioning doors. Also note the brushes at the front and back wheels which cleaned the tires from elephant poo while driving. In the back seat there is a round dial. This is used to instruct the front seated driver how to drive (like left/right/slow, etc.). Also in the back seat there is a wooden box, this is the keyboard for a 8 tone horn (on the left hand side at the back fender). The real car has air-conditioning in the double roof. Amazing enough the car can actually have swan dropouts in the form of whitewash coming out of the back.
The coolest feature is the steam that came out of the swan beak to scare traffic users in crowded streets. Sadly not all of this could be incorporated into this model ;-)

Nonetheless as Lego set this is intended to be a seriously fun show model! Would be fantastic to built it and then to view all the details of it. Also would be great to develop some pieces, like a better swan head, the body of the swan and some customized stickers.
The ultimate goal is to get this Lego model next to the real one in the museum :-)

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