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Treasure Chest Coin Pusher


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Have you ever wanted to own your own coin pusher?
From as early as I can remember I have loved playing on coin pushers at seaside resorts while on my summer holidays as a child, mostly just to win the small prizes that fall out when the coins go over the edge.
With many years of playing coin pushers, I consider myself a veteran in the skill based game and over the years I have made many toy versions in bricks, however now I feel I have made one that fulfils two important functions. Firstly, the aesthetics of the Treasure Chest which I hope you would agree is very pleasing on the eye and would not look out of place on your shelf at home. Then we have the coin pusher game, which to those who I have shown have been amazed! Not expecting to see a game within the chest itself.
The treasure chest design is generic idea, just like those elements 4738a / 4739a.
  • Approximately 600 parts.
  • 16 studs x 12 Studs.
  • 1 x Player's Winnings Tray (at the front).
  • 2 x Owners Winnings Trays (at the back).
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Self-positioning drop zone with spinner in the middle to offset dropped coins.

I do hope you enjoy this build idea and I would love to have your support. Thank you.

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