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2-in-1 Medieval Siege With a Working Trebuchet

This Idea is all about creating medieval stories and building a small but impressive siege camp out of nowhere. I love the idea of using Lego to build and rebuild Lego sets. Of course, you can do it with each Lego set, but 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 sets are always a lot of fun. In this case, you combine it with telling a story of constructing a small medieval camp and some siege machines on a rocky place between some trees.
The story begins with some black raven knights traveling in two carriages through a forest. They decide to build up their camp, cut some trees, and combine them with one of their carriages to construct a small battering ram and a gigantic trebuchet – the core of this set. For me, it was important that in each situation you have an awesome display, and moreover, the process between these two situations can be depicted as well. 
Camp, mini-figures and accessories
In my idea, I wanted to combine play-potential with historical accuracy. Therefore, there are a lot of different places, equipment and some mini-figures in this set. The mini-figures have axes and a saw to cut trees, a hammer to get stones, a map to find the right place, a big pot to cook in, and, of course, different weapons. A beehive can be used to make torches; there is a camp fire to barbecue; and a small tent to rest. Even fresh water for drinking and cleaning is close by, and maybe it is even possible to catch a fish. For attacking the castle, the black ravens have a battering ram, a big shield to protect their archers and crossbowmen, and a big letter to climb on the wall.
The black raven are conducted by the royal king, who is convoyed by an old knight (maybe he organized the weapons from a blacksmith nearby), an archer and some folks, who will have to do most of the work.
Build Experience
When building my idea, a lot of rebuilding was necessary. It was hard to accomplish a working trebuchet, which can throw stones reliably over a 1-meter distance and is constructed at the same time mainly by using three big trees. Making it even harder, I didn't want to use too many bricks for the trees and keep the transforming process as realistic as possible for mini figures and as easy as possible for us humans. Last but not least, I tried to reduce the amount of bricks you only use for one of the builds, which worked better than in most officially 3-1 Lego sets.
All in all, the result is definitely not perfect, but I am quite satisfied.
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The 2-in-1 medieval siege with working trebuchet is not only the perfect addition to your castle collection, but also a well-thought-out play set for children and adults who want to relieve their inner child. It can be combined nicely with any Lego castle, and even for the big Lion Knight castle, it is a real threat.
Furthermore, this idea is an homage to the medieval folks, who constructed impressive siege machines only from trees and stones.
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