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Metallica M72 World Tour


Metallica Posted about my M72 World Tour on Facebook & Twitter!

Exit Light
Enter Night
I must be dreaming...
the band has weighed in.

One week later, I'm still in utter disbelief.


Sticker Update

I've made and added stickers to my physical build to help better illustrate what I see in my mind's eye for a LEGO M72 World Tour.

Because I'm a physical builder and my project is made with real LEGO, making stickers is an added step that takes a lot of time. While I was working on this set, I had decided I wanted to get it submitted so that it's release date coincided with the end of the 2023 dates of the M72 Tour in Detroit, Michigan (USA). As a result, I had to submit before I had stickers to add.

The three screens on the towers show a dazzling mix of videos and live feeds of the band during the concert, and before the show they display city-specific posters. There are so many possibilities, I opted to use pictures of my minifigures on the stage as-if the screens were displaying a live feed of the band during the show.

I then replaced the 1x2 notepad tile that I had used on the stage to represent a setlist and put a sticker on 1x2 tile that looks like an actual setlist from M72 concerts. I also added a black sticker with very faint yellow scribbles to represent the lyric prompts. I didn't want either of these smaller additions to be a focal point or in any way distracting, so it isn't something you'll necessarily notice when looking at a picture. But if you look closely, it's just an extra added detail that's there.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported, commented, and shared this project encouraging others to vote... especially Metallica's Instagram account for sharing it in their stories!

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