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Arfinner Castle


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This LEGO Ideas project is a castle next to an ocean.

Perhaps it is on a peninsula, maybe it is a tower on an island? Whatever it is, I gave the castle an open back to maximize the creativity and playability and to open it up to modification. It could be used as a dollhouse-style playset or sit flat against the wall for display.

I chose the name Arfinner Castle through a random name generator and modified it slightly.
This castle is an update and an upgrade to my first version, Castle on an Island.

The project is a castle on a rocky ledge sticking into the ocean.

The lowest level is the beach and has a couple of trees, some wildlife, and a few plants. The rockface has stairs built into it that leads to the plateau. The plateau has grass, plants, and the castle is situated in the middle. The castle is made of light and dark grey bricks in a camouflage pattern.

The underground interior has some treasure and a skeleton. The bottom floor of the castle has a single prison cell and some barrels. The second floor has a weapons room and a planning room. The top has a telescope and a bench.

Check out my video for it here: (More videos on my channel)

Width: 39 Studs (31.2 Centimeters) (12.28 Inches)
Depth: 23 Studs (18.4 Centimeters) (7.24 Inches)
Height: 25 Bricks (24 Centimeters) (9.45 Inches)

If you have any questions, comments, advice, suggestions, or ideas please give me feedback and comment below! ↓

Thank you for looking at my project! See you at 10,000!

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