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The Old Town Water Tower

Off in the distance rests a steel titan.

Towering over the town stands the majestic water tower! A modern marvel that we all likely think little about, but is extremely crucial to daily life, even in Lego City!

Growing up, one of my favorite sites when driving through our little town was always passing the old water tower. So tall and large, it was fascinating to say the least! Who hasn’t wondered what it looks like on the inside of one of those things? And don’t even get me started on that monstrous ladder!

It seemed natural to me that not only could a minifigure scale water tower help assist in immersion within people’s own Lego displays, but also provide an incredible and unique architecture experience that I believe other AFOLs will love! It was rewarding learning more about how these structures work, letting gravity push the water right to our own homes, and the building process was rewarding as well!

Designed with intentions to display with modular sets, at nearly 24” (~60 cm) this set would tower over the rest! This creation consists of 1,776 existing elements and features advanced building techniques.

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