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Peter Lustig's Bauwagen | The Construction Trailer From Löwenzahn

The model is a replica of the construction trailer from Peter Lustig, known from the German children's show "Löwenzahn". The model in a handy format contains all the special features of its great role model, e.g. Klaus-Dieter the guitar clock, the bed that can be raised and lowered, the stairs to the roof terrace made of chairs and the open-air bathroom with shower and bathtub behind the construction trailer.
The model I built is based on the trailer which was used in the show from 1980 to 2005. I really loved the show when I was a kid and still today I enjoy watching it. The model is a homage to Peter Lustig who spent most of his life explaining the world to children.
What happened in the Stone Age? Where does our garbage go? Why do dogs have four legs? No matter what, Peter always found the answer.

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