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Danish Milk Truck


Working in the Danish dairy industri I was inspired to make a Lego model af Scania milk tanker truck, seen frequently on the Danish roads delivering farm-fresh milk to the dairies across the country. My model is also a homage to the Lego 1952-1: Milk Truck set from 1989. 


My model is 6 studs (48mm) wide, 35 studs (280 mm) long and 9 bricks and 1 plate (89,56mm) tall


To improve the general look and build of the truck I would suggest making the brick with bow 50950 bigger, perhaps 3x4 to make a sloped panel. This would decrease the number of bricks considerably. I would also like to change the colour of the medium grey bricks i suitable colour scheme to simulate the shine of stainless steal, perhaps ''flat silver'' or ''metallic silver''. I also think it would suit the truck if it had printed some sort of logo on the sides of the trailer and the truck, like the Arla tankers I was inspired by. See my last image as a reference. I also suggest the wicket on the back be completely smooth so a logo can be printed on and a 1x2 brick with ain inverted bow to the buttom of the trailer.

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