Product Idea

Modular Post Office

     The entrance to the post office is guarded by Greek Corinthian columns and covered by a marble pediment. The walls reach up to tall windows enclosed by wrought iron. The windows and roof are surrounded and inlaid with decorative elements creating a skillfully crafted masterpiece.

     Every Lego city needs a post office. This wooden interior post office with neo-classical design elements will make a great addition to any modular city collection. 


     The Modular Post Office has two floors and a roof with roof access. The first floor is the post office mailing room, the mail sorting area, and a small office and a bathroom. The mail counter has a lot of intricate woodwork detail, matching with the wooden desk and other furniture. The bathroom wall and the wall for the small office can be removed so that it's easier to access the harder to reach parts of the model. The outside stairs have wrought iron details and lead up to the apartment above.

     The second floor has an apartment and a larger office. The apartment has a mini kitchen with a microwave, sink, oven, and cabinetry. The apartment also has a bedroom with furniture and next to the bedroom is a bathroom. Both the bedroom and bathroom have removable walls. The office has a desk, a bookshelf, and a leather couch. A spiral staircase gives access to the roof.

The set has seven minifigures: Three post office employees, a man, apartment owner, businessman and a kid with a kitten.


The model was designed and built in and took me about five months to complete.



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