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Medieval London Market


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London is a bustling town, full of people who are going places and selling things. While a jousting tournament ensues, a baker comes into town to offer his bread and pretzels for sale. A misunderstood artist drearily paints abstract pieces of art nearby a stall where a farmer sells fruits and vegetables. A blacksmith works hard to forge a ring for the queen, who enters town guarded by a soldier. Based off of medieval European architecture, the village contains a wood-framed house and tavern, a pond and boat, a market stall, stocks, a blacksmith shop, and more. Open up the tavern to see the inside, featuring a table and a fireplace. Below there is a wine cellar, and a dungeon (which I put there because every medieval village needs a dungeon.) Around the back of the house/blacksmith shop you will find a shop area and living quarters (the chimney is in the middle of the living quarters to be realistic, but can be taken out and replaced by a table for playability). It also has 12 figures, a statue, three horses and a wagon. I hope you'll support my project--please comment for any feedback (be nice though; this is my first project and first photoshoot. All tips and suggestions are appreciated though!) 

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