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The Secret of Kells: Brendan's Quest


“I have seen the book. The book that turned darkness into light.”

The wonderful animated fantasy film, The Secret of Kells, has come to LEGO! Based on Celtic legends, the film tells the beautiful story of Brendan, a young boy, and his fairy friend, Aisling, and their quest to finish the mystical Book of Kells. Filled with humor, magic, and spectacular visuals, the Secret of Kells would be a perfect addition to the LEGO world!

The main body of this set features two sections of Aisling’s forest, the monstrous Crom Cruach’s lair, and Crom Cruach himself. Translating the beautiful style of the film’s animation into LEGO proved both challenging and very, very fun! The set also features a large amount of rare animals, including: three owls, a rabbit, a squirrel, a hedgehog, a bird, Aisling’s white wolf form, a black wolf, two frogs, and Pangur Ban the cat.

The monster, Crom Cruach, measures over eleven inches long, and is jointed in five places. Can Brendan defeat him armed only with a piece of chalk?

The set includes two minifigures: the young hero Brendan, and the fairy girl Aisling.

If you’re a Secret of Kells fan, or you just like the set, please support, spread the word, and turn the darkness into light! Thank you for reading!

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