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Lego Sand Spider


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This terrifying arachnid makes its home in the hot deserts of the world. Capable of enduring extreme heat this spider is a terror among all desert creatures. Anything caught within its pincers isn't likely to escape.


  • 8 flexible legs for movement
  • hinged abdomen
  • Set includes 204 Lego bricks

Kids of all ages will enjoy building and playing with a sand spider of their own as well as all Lego fanatics.

The Model you see is the improved version of the model I made with my own bricks. Seeing that my original design used pieces that were no longer manufactured by Lego I had t rethink my design. I had a great time building this model and hope to see it as an official Lego set later on.

Thanks for considering this model to be a possible set in the near future.

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