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Ice Skating Rink


Hi everyone ! I am excited to share with you my new idea called Ice Skating Rink. This idea has 289 total bricks and pieces. Here is a brief description of what is inside and outside. You have two conters, two computers, two credit readers,  two clerks, two keyboards, two telephone holders and two telephones, 7 100 green bills, one receipt priner, one ticket printer, ice, ice sign, 8 pairs of ice skates.I built this idea because lego does not have any family fun activities  that are avaliable on the market.  I also did not add any extra people in this idea because it makes fun when you add your favorite people to this idea. This idea was easy to build and is acceptable for all ages. It would be a great idea to have and would be hours of fun to play with. Thanks for your time, your Lego builder  and Lego fan Treetop 2017!

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