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Brick Yard Shopping Mall

Welcome to Brick Yard Shopping Mall!
1 - What is it?
Brick Yard Shopping Mall is a great way to remember the non-quarantine times. It has the best details that any mall needs, such as a clothing store and a food court.
  • Building details: I think that the outside is the best of the building. I've tried my best on it and I hope you like! But also, it contains a whole decorated interior, with, on the ground floor, a clothing store, a stationery store, a bathroom, a cake shop, a pretzel stand and, on the first floor, a fast-food restaurant including a food court and an ice cream stand. Also, it is a modular building, as you can see in the video
  • Pieces details: although there are many printed pieces produced by LEGO itself, I have made some custom prints, such as the ones of the mall’s logo and the stationery store, to give it a unique look.
  • Minifigures details: the whole model is made of 9 minifigures. They are: the shopkeepers of (1) the clothing store, (2) the stationery store, (3) the cake store, (4) the pretzel stand and (5) the ice cream stand; the fast food restaurant chef; 3 clients, totaling 9 minifigures.
  • Overall details: the mall coverage has a support that can be used to put it, and the reason for that is because of the curved piece of the windows, which would be displaced when put in a raw base in real life. Counting this support, the model has 2999 pieces, which was very tricky to do without taking out important details, but in the end it was possible. If you want to see real proofs that it doesn't exceed the 3000 pieces limit, you're free to send me a message requesting it, and then I will give you the Bricklink Studio file of the model, which contains the piece number. 😀
2 - Why did I build it?

I build this mall because of a few reasons, such as building with bricks is a hobby for me, in addition that I planned a lot of singularities to the mall, what drove me to do a reasonable project.
3 - Why do I think this would be a great LEGO set?

Because of the mall’s unique details and colors, which holds our attention, in addition to its timely theme.

4- 3D model

I have shared a 3d model of the building in Mecabricks, so that anyone can look at the outside details of the building. Here is the link:
Thank you!

That’s it for now. thank you for your support, I hope you liked it!
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