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HammerHead Gunship

Updated main picture!
Special thanks to GlenBricker who made this nice render!

Some people already know that I'm a big fan of Unimogs, but this creation represents my other interest/addiction - It's Warhammer 40K and especially - TAU

Hammerhead Gunship - anti-gravity tank armed with Rail-gun and dual plasma mini-guns
Approximate part count - 1200

Side view / standby mode
Landing gear can be raised when the tank is operated
Also you can see a mini-fig size comparison

Both giant engines can be rotated as well the main turret, both mini-guns and the front central sensor and camera module. (that is the round thing on the front end)

Skyray gunship modification that carries 8 seeker missiles and two plasma boltguns

Check my brickshelf folder for different pictures!
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