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Monster Truck Mk III

Behold the monster truck as it jumps through a ring of fire and over a car!

This is my third version of the monster truck, hence the name, "Monster Truck Mk III." This version is my first that is digital, and it was fun converting the monster truck into digital form.

As you can see this model consists of two main parts, the base, and the monster truck. The base is 16x36, and has a ramp, the ring of fire, and an old car attached to it. The monster truck is removable, and can be attached to the base with two long transparent pieces, looking like its jumping through the ring. The monster truck has suspension, and when the wheels are pushed up it looks like the mouth on the front is closing. The cab can comfortably fit two people, and includes a steering wheel. This truck is about 8 studs wide and about 21 studs long.

The whole model is made up of 733 pieces.

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