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The LEGO Popsicle Lamp


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Presenting: The LEGO Popsicle Lamp!

This fresh and yummy looking Popsicle Lamp is designed to fill everyone's living room with joy, freshness and a certain retro atmosphere. Later in the evening, when it's getting dark, it spends warm light and just continues being cool and awesome. I got the idea earlier this summer while visiting Legoland in Billund, catching the very first sunburn this year. Back home I started designing and building this model with real bricks - and I can assure you that it's definitely as refreshing as it looks!

Features and Hard Facts:

  • The Popsicle Lamp is approximately 35cm tall (13,8 inches)
  • The base is not only playable, but also swappable. You can switch between a Summer/Beach themed base and an Arctic/Ice themed base
  • Approximately 1.500 bricks including both bases (Beach & Arctic)
  • The lamp features LEGO Power Functions LED-lights mounted on the inside

If you'd like to put this funky lamp idea on your shelves and dressers, please endorse my creation by supporting and sharing. THX, fellow LEGO devotees!

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