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LEGO Gundam

This project is for LEGO fans who love robots and anime!
After Voltron and Transformers, It’s time for Gundam to join the LEGO line-up!🔥

About Gundam
Gundam is one of the most iconic mecha / giant robot in pop-culture!
The original anime started airing in 1979, and the franchise is still going strong after 40 years!

The Lego Gundam is based on the original model RX-78-2. It is the most recognizable design of mobile suit gundam worldwide. The full-scale 1:1 model in Yokohama, Japan is based on RX-78-2. It also made an appearance in the “Ready Player One” movie.

The gunpla toy is an assembly toy-line based on the gundam franchise. While its history does not compare to LEGO (90th anniversary), it is also a beloved toy-line that celebrates the joy of the assembly process, and rewards the craftsmanship + creativity of players. I believe a cross-over between LEGO and Gundam would be really fun and exciting!

  • This Lego gundam is 46cm (18”) tall and 24cm (9.4”) wide. It weights 1.25 kg
  • It has 12 movable joints (22 if the fingers are included)
  • Comes with the iconic beam saber, beam rifle and red shield
  • Model proportions and details based on gunpla PG-unleased references
  • Only printed element is the mouth-piece. All armor details are brick-built

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