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Goblins' Ambush

Sets bricks were taken from
Based on bricks from "LEGO The Hobbit 79010: The Goblin King Battle".
The original set and my opinion
"The Hobbit" was the most favorite LEGO series of my childhood. I still have my old collection of "The Unexpected Journey" sets and most of them look perfect, like "The Goblin King Battle". This set contains many useful bricks you can use in your models and scenes, such as grey and brown elements for creating rocks and wooden buildings.
The model's features:
I used lots of grey bricks for creating rocks' ledges and some tools for creating the effect of the broken floor. Also, I like the decoration elements of the set: bones, chains, boards and I used some in the model.
122 bricks
4 minifigures
6 exclusive bricks
Your feedback
What do you guys think about this one?

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