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Fire and Frost Giant

Odin, the lord of Asgard, battled a lot of wars. He won a lot of battles with his trusted weapon Gungnir. Gungnir Is a spear that always hits its target. Two of the toughest enemies of the Asgardians are the fire and frost giants, with their leaders Surtr and Laufey.

You can use this set to recreate this awesome battle. You can also use this set to have a big boss battle in Dungeons & Dragons. Making the biggest and most expensive army with these giants is also possible.

These builds are inspired by the big Harry and Hermione set. I like how this build depicts human-like Lego characters as big versions of Lego minifiures. Most of the big characters that have been created didn't look like minifigures anymore and had weirdly humanlike proportions. I played a few of the Lego games and when characters grow in the games they will keep the same proportions most of the time. By playing the games, I got the idea of making these builds in the shape of a minifigure.

I really like mythology. I found that some mythologies are under-represented. So this is the reason that I made these Norse-inspired giants.

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