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Rallye Car

  This is a Rallyecar, which is nearly 13cm high, over 30cm long and nearly 18cm wide. I have built this car over one and a half year. The reason why I have built this is, because I love challenges and cars. My goal was it, to built a lego car with a V8 motor, a 3-speed gearbox, with a Steering axle and a differential (created by myself). Therefore I have tried to combine all these things in one compact Rallyecar, since I do not have that much Lego bricks. And after one and a half years I finally made it :). You are able to open the two doors, the Engine Hood and luggage space. The digital Rallyecar has the same technic built in as the real car, the only difference between them is, that the digital car has a better outway appereance than the real car. I believe that this would be a great Lego set, because it is showing some mechanism of a real car in a much easier and funnier way. I have put much effort in it, so I hope that you like my project, which means a lot to me

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