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Family Spaceship Cruiser

The Family Spaceship Cruiser is a spaceship which can transform into 4 different modes depending on the function, environment and speed it travels.

The 4 modes are: cruising mode, harvest/mining mode, gliding mode and defence mode. The wings can move and transform into different configurations.

The model comes with 2 astronaut minifigures and a baby astronaut minifigure with it's own brick-built hover cradle. A display stand is included to make the spaceship shine in any mode.

The spaceship can carry a maximum of 6 humanoids- 3 in the cockpit section and 3 in the open hull section. The open hull section can also store cargo and equipments. In the current configuration, it is equipped with a compact picnic station, which contains a table, booster-powered chairs, refreshments and a robot assistant. The cockpit canopy can be easily removed to place the minifigures and cargoes.

I built this set to create a really cool spaceship which can change its look by transforming its wings. I also wanted to create the space equivalent of a caravan or camper van, something which can fit a whole family, to travel together to explore the galaxy. 

I believe this would make a great LEGO set as it offers great play value, especially for an entire family. It can appeal to a father, mother, child or AFOL.

It can also connect to fans of LEGO Space, science fiction and futuristic themes. The transformation feature enables many play scenarios, which the builder can create with infinite imagination.

The desire to display all 4 modes can also be a plus point for multiple set purchases. This set truly defines what a play and display set should be.

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