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SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy (BFR)


Inspiring the Next Generation

Whenever I get the opportunity to talk about rocket science in the classroom, I do it. And I've found that nothing excites my students as much as LEGO rockets! The picture below was taken before my STEM class started. They just couldn't help themselves.




Our First 1,000 Reached!!!

Because you guys and gals took the time to sign in and hit that "support" button, we have reached our first 1,000 supporters in less than a week! We both thank you!

As expected, the other day Elon hinted at possible changes to the Super Heavy booster. Rest assured we are always on standby to update our build as needed to stay current with SpaceX's real design. And we have already received some great ideas. Any and all changes will be posted under the "Updates" tab above.

-Brad and Kevin



Breaking Down Our Build For You

Here is a little "break down" of our Starship and Super Heavy build. Already we have received some excellent feedback from you guys. The positivity is energizing. Thank you all so much for the love you have shown us!

-Brad and Kevin

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