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Wandering Ant


Yes, this is not the most popular creature I could have chosen to build, but it creates a good challenge. Despite the general dislike of ants for various reasons, they do make for an interesting and fun build. This notorious insect would make a great collector's model or toy (or prank ;). This build shows the insect in its natural state: stealing sugar cubes. The ant is completely posable with a number of hinges throughout. All the legs can move independently and with lots of stability. Both the head and abdomen can tilt up and down and the mandibles can go left and right. Overall, it is a very fun build and I learned a lot from it about trying to create living organisms from bricks. This model would be a nice small, inexpensive set with roughly 130-150 pieces for about $15-$20. This is a very fun and enjoyable build and is as accurate as I could make it. If I missed something, please tell me in the comments so I can make it even better! Let's get to 10,000!

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