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Regular Dodecahedron


Are you a math person that loves geometry? I'm going to guess the answer is probably a resounding "NO!", but if you are (and even if you aren't), I present to you the LEGO Regular Dodecahedron. It is a 12-sided, platonic solid made with 390 LEGO bricks.

I designed this model because I am a HUGE math geek and have sought after a modular way of creating platonic solids in a unique way to help show off their unique properties, and while I could get any sort of kit, LEGO provides an easily-approachable solution plus is sorely lacking in the math department.

This is a set for older builders, sort of like the architecture sets but in a different direction. I would hope that it would attract all sorts of people from all sorts of places be it teachers, mathematicians, amateur math-lovers, and even just people who are looking for a unique model that is both cool as well as interesting (hence why it has multiple colors). I would love for this to catch on and become an entire range of different geometric solids, platonic or otherwise.

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