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Antique Boutique

Where do all treasures go? Where do the all come from? Let me show you!
Welcome to the antiques store, here they sell treasures and artifacts from a long lost time.
The shop has so much to offer that the store needed 2 floors!

Antique boutique features:
  • 2 floors filled with antiques
  • Display's for showcasing the antiques
  • a fully furnished upper floor (attic)
  • Fire-place with chimney
  • Victorian styled exterior 

I did not include mini-figures since the build itself is made with 2955 bricks, yet the set is really built for playing, the whole building hinges open in a doll-house like fashion.
It's a great set for having around, a stunning piece to look at yet also equipped to be played with.

I hope you all enjoy this build!

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