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Comedy Legends

A tour of classic film comedies through the medium of Lego featuring scenes from Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush, Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jr., Laurel and Hardy's The Music Box, and Harold Lloyd's Safety Last

Each vignette features a kinetic feature that echoes the stunt performance from each classic movie scene.
        -- The Gold Rush cabin rocks back and forth over a pinnacle.
        -- The facade of the house from Steamboat Bill Jr. is hinged to fall forward and the attic window is                positioned to keep the minifig from harm.
        -- The piano crate is hooked onto a technic pin so that it can easily slide down the Music Box stairs.
        -- The clock from Safety Last extends out from the building facade.

I chose these comedy legends for the subject of my Lego Ideas submission as it is something that I am obviously passionate about. I thoroughly enjoyed to combining my love of film with my love of Lego. In doing so, I sought to find scenes and characters that could be translated into the Lego system in interesting ways. I also wanted the slapstick action inherit to act as a function in this set.

I feel that Lego can be utilized as a tool for learning, and I would hope that this Idea would serve to introduce a new generation to these classic film comedies. 

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