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Treasure Chest Jewel Hunt


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There is a bike chase going on through a small town! This set comes with a small building plus a wall that has a play feature, where if you simply turn the axe it will block the motorcycles path.This set also includes a mechanic's station that comes with a lantuern, a table, and a small vehicle engine. Lastly this set includes  four different types of figures, The first is an Asian Nina with a sword, Second is a assassin that has an Open Vest with a cool Cross Bow Third is the Town's mechanic that has an appron, a screwdriver and lastly an old fashioned pilots hat, last but not least? What kit a good enough without a hero this fellow means business!! he known as Jake Blade he has a keen eye when it come to Jewel snatching. This Lego Kit is great for action and adventure!!  We hope you like it!


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