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Game Theory


This is my Game Theory project. The set went through multiple stages of design, but I eventually decided to go for the Game Theory Live room. There are two figures which are Matpat (Matthew Patrick) and Steph. The Matpat figure has a silver bottle representing his favourite fizzy drink, and Steph comes with a green trophy representing the game theory logo. The game theory trophy comes with a 6-piece black stand. The room has white walls, a shelf and the blackboard which has an x-ray print on it to give it a scientific feel. The floor is a nougat colour made on a 16 x 16 base plate. There is a stand underneath it with a brown flat tile with a controller pattern as decoration. The stand is made up of dark green pieces and a black 16 x 16 base plate. There is a sofa and a small table for decoration. The walls are topped with flat tiles to add a smooth finish.

I was inspired to make this set because of the more recent videos on the channel which are becoming ever more entertaining than ever. I think it would make a great set because it could inspire children to get into science to become the scientists of the future to help us discover new information on all aspects of science, such as physics neuroscience, and even space travel. I hope this set could make it for that purpose. I hope you enjoy this project.

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