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3 Witches Bookshop

Nestled deep in the heart of the 3 Witch Woods is a small shop called the THREE WITCHES BOOKSHOP (and inn)!! Run by the three witches themselves, the shop has books aplenty, a bedroom, a statue of The Grand Sorcerer, and a balcony with a record player and bottles, not to mention frogs. Lots of frogs. The three witches, Rickety Zilla (pink hat), Baby Yaga (brown hair), and Polly Pigtooth (dark tan hat) are the shop/inn keepers and are quite welcoming towards new travelers (heeheehee). Explore the castle, including the bookshop (first floor), bedroom and statue (second floor) and balcony (third floor). Rickety sings to the enchanted mirror,
Double, Double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
Double, Double, toil and trouble,
SOMEthing wicked this way comes!
When she's done, she eats a nice meal of Chinese food. Baby strolls through her garden of pumpkins, caring for her cow and pig. And Polly, well, Polly's a little weird. She makes a lot of frogs. Enjoy the mystical castle and hidden jokes as you build this magic fortress. And of course, there's 3 cats for the 3 witches. Marnie is the black one, Inez is the orange one, and Archie is the pink one.

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