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Aria the Animation - Chibi Undine Trio


Chibi figurine set inspired Aria, a utopian science fantasy manga written by Kozue Amano. Features the three main undine trio: Akari Mizunashi, Aika S. Granzchesta, and Alice Carroll, as they appear in Season 1.

  • Includes the trio's feline presidents from each water-guide company: President Aria Pokoteng of Aria Company, President Hime M. Granzchesta of Himeya Company, and President Maa of Orange Planet.
  • Designs taken from their winter uniforms, featuring hats emblazoned with their company logos.
  • Each undine features an additional facial expression unique to each character: Akari's "Why?" face, Aika's "Tacky comments prohibited!" face, and Alice's "Dekkai-" face.
  • Figurines are very stable and can easily stand on their own.
  • President Maa has a connector that allows Alice to hold the president in her arms.

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