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Brick City Train Station


This Lego set concept is for a scaled modular train station designed by using Lego Digital Designer (LDD). This set would include: the train station, platform, tracks for a Lego train set, and five Minifigures. The train station is a moderately sized building with an overhang for the passengers to wait underneath. The overhang shows arches for support, a ticket counter, and two lights. The roof of the overhang makes a 45 degree angle from each side through a 90 degree turn as the building bends. One of the images shows the structure that holds up the roof. The platform includes: a bench, a newsstand with a newspaper, a lamp post, and five Minifigures. Another image shows a bottom view of the set to show the support structure to efficiently support all of the elements.

 Currently, five Minifigures are suggested to be included. A businessman is shown buying a ticket at the counter from the train station worker. A Musician with her guitar case is waiting on the platform. A farmer is reading a newspaper on the bench. The fifth person would be a construction worker, fixing the lamp post on the platform. Other Minifigures will be considered if suggested.

This set would fit into a Lego City or Lego Town collection.

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There are two other contributors to this set: eeknox and EverythingisAwesome1989

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