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Customizable Lego Tie (But Not Fighter)

I made this Lego Tie a couple of years ago because I Love Lego. It is made completely of genuine Lego parts and uses Mixel-type flexible joints to attach around my neck and hang like a normal tie. (It is a little stiff but not bad at all.) I have worn it on special occasions for hours at a time without incident. With newer products like Lego Dots bracelets hitting the market I thought maybe a more masculine way to wear Lego might be desirable. The tie is customizable in the sense that adding some elements of different colors can make it match any shirt. But I am colorblind so I prefer black and white.

I did not include a Minifigure but has always been my dream to be an official Lego Minifigure. If this product gets made, maybe it could include a version of me as a Minifigure wearing the tie I invented.

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